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Prodigy Healthcare - Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
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Prodigy Healthcare - Substance Abuse Rehabilitation


Prodigy Healthcare is a world-class provider for Substance Abuse Counseling and rehabilitation. By leveraging technology and utilizing the latest methods in evidence based practices, such as Moral Reconation Therapy™ (MRT), we are able to offer extremely effective programs that are custom-tailored to each unique client’s needs.

We offer customized Outpatient counseling services for our clients which allows for a more successful and sustainable recovery. Most of our programs utilize evidence based Moral Reconation Therapy™ (MRT) curriculum and are customized to match the unique needs of each individual. As such, when treatment is administered in a consistent and supportive environment we have found that this provides an excellent foundation for our clients to build off of. Please read more about the effectiveness and benefits of Moral Reconation Therapy™ (MRT) HERE

In addition to standard in-person treatment, Prodigy Healthcare also offers screenings and treatment programs through our proprietary telehealth delivery system. With Prodigy Telehealth™, we are changing the way our clients receive treatment and quickly making location barriers a thing of the past. You can learn more about Prodigy Telehealth™ HERE.

Please contact us today and we will be happy to build a program that fits into your schedule and keeps you compliant.

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