Electronic Monitoring / Home Detention

Prodigy Healthcare, along with its predecessor companies, has been at the forefront of delivering Electronic Monitoring and Home Detention services to government entities since 2001. Our extensive experience and meticulous research have led us to select SCRAM Systems as our partner for Electronic Monitoring and Home Detention.

Electronic Monitoring Home Detention

This partnership signifies a commitment to delivering a high-quality program, utilizing the most reliable and up-to-date equipment and monitoring software. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to ensure a positive experience for both municipalities and clients.

With unparalleled expertise and top-of-the-line equipment, we are confident in our ability to manage your organization’s caseload and enhance the overall value of your program. Contact Us today to begin a smarter approach to your needs.

For detailed information on the SCRAM products we use, please refer to the provided links and visit the SCRAM Systems website. If you have any questions, explore the SCRAM Frequently Asked Questions section for clarification.

Products Offered:



Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM Remote Breath

SCRAM Remote Breath®

Remote Alcohol Breath Testing



GPS Location Monitoring

SCRAM House Arrest

SCRAM House Arrest®

House Arrest Monitoring