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To provide the highest quality, compassionate health care to our clients by employing evidence-based practices and life changing experiences anchored in exceptional service and deliberate expectations that improve public safety.

A New Breed:

Headquartered in sunny Mesa, Arizona, with multiple offices in Arizona and California, Prodigy Healthcare is comprised of a group of individuals with deep experience in Healthcare. Some of our specialties include Mental Health Counseling, Behavioral Healthcare,  Substance Abuse Counseling, Alcohol Treatment & Education, and Healthcare Systems.

Through many years of working with some of the most highly-regarded companies and individuals in the industry and really listening to our customer’s needs and desires, we noticed a gap that was not being adequately accommodated. It was then that we decided to form an organization that combines all of the best practices throughout the industry and coupled it with customer-oriented service.

And with that, Prodigy Healthcare was born.

About Prodigy Healthcare

An Experienced Team:

Getting the best of all worlds actually is possible. In addition to adopting industry best practices, Prodigy has observed and taken the opportunity to learn from the miscalculations that other companies have made, in order to provide a better experience that sets “best practice” standards.

Please review some of our credentials & qualifications, below, for contracts won and awarded in competitive sealed bidding processes. The Prodigy team is highly experienced in crafting the RFP strategy, creating the responses, negotiating terms, and winning the award:

  1. Mesa Municipal Court & City of Mesa Prosecutor’s Office: Screening, treatment, monitoring & rehabilitation services contract. Assessments, MRT treatment & education programs and electronic monitoring/home detention program for sentenced and diversion cases relating to anger management, domestic violence, shoplifting, substance abuse, mental health, parenting and veteran’s court.
  2. Scottsdale Court Screening & Treatment: Alcohol and drug education & treatment, domestic violence, parenting, aggressive driving treatment, anger management, shoplifting and underage drinking diversion.
  3. Arizona Department of Corrections Community Corrections: Statewide substance abuse and career criminal treatment contract, including electronic monitoring, telehealth, and expansion to anger management and domestic violence treatment programs.
  4. US Courts Federal Probation & Pretrial Services Phoenix and Tucson: Substance abuse and mental health programs.
  5. Maricopa County Superior Court, Drug Court Contract: Drug court program.
  6. Pima County Superior Court: Substance abuse, DUI and domestic violence treatment.

Additional Contract Work:

  • Glendale Court & Prosecutor: Court-ordered screening & treatment.
  • Scottsdale Prosecutor Diversion: Shoplifting, underage drinking, domestic violence and anger management.
  • Maricopa County Adult Diversion Treatment
  • Maricopa County Justice Courts: Screening and treatment programs.
  • San Bernardino County DUI Program: California Driving-Under-The-Influence program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about us and how Prodigy Healthcare can become a trusted partner.

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