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At Prodigy Healthcare, our mission is to deliver the highest quality, compassionate healthcare to our clients. We achieve this by embracing evidence-based practices and life-changing experiences rooted in exceptional service and deliberate expectations that enhance public safety.

Our Transformative Journey:

Since 1979, Prodigy Healthcare has been on a remarkable journey, transitioning from a small, privately owned business to a larger corporate entity and eventually returning to our roots as a family-owned business. Today, we are a team with extensive experience in Mental Health Counseling, Behavioral Healthcare, Substance Abuse Counseling, Alcohol Treatment & Education, and Healthcare Systems. Rooted in the valuable lessons derived from our collective experiences, we are steadfast in our commitment to continuous improvement, always striving to provide the best service possible. Headquartered in sunny Mesa, Arizona, with offices across Arizona and California, our organization addresses a gap in industry accommodations by combining best practices with a customer-oriented approach.

About Prodigy Healthcare

Our Collective Wisdom:

Drawing on our long journey, the Prodigy Healthcare team brings a wealth of collective wisdom. Rather than boasting about our achievements, we humbly share the lessons we’ve learned from both successes and setbacks. Our commitment is to consistently improve and enhance the quality of care we deliver to our clients.

Contract Highlights:

  • Mesa Municipal Court & City of Mesa Prosecutor’s Office
  • Scottsdale Court Screening & Treatment
  • Arizona Department of Corrections Community Corrections
  • US Courts Federal Probation & Pretrial Services Phoenix and Tucson
  • Maricopa County Superior Court, Drug Court Contract
  • Pima County Superior Court
  • Glendale Court & Prosecutor
  • Scottsdale Prosecutor Diversion
  • Maricopa County Adult Diversion Treatment
  • Maricopa County Justice Courts
  • San Bernardino County DUI Program

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