In the digital age, where you can get tacos delivered directly to your couch, why shouldn’t you also be able to receive treatment and care from the comfort of your own home? We understand that people are busy and life happens; not everyone will be able to easily attend an in-person program and we have just the thing for that.

With Prodigy Telehealth™, our proprietary solution, clients are able to remotely participate in various programs that we offer in the same fashion as in-person group therapy. All sessions are encrypted, to ensure HIPAA compliance, and are lead by highly trained professionals utilizing the latest methods in evidence based practices (Moral Reconation Therapy™). Our focus is on making treatment easily accessible to everyone, regardless of your location and current life stage, by helping to eliminate treatment barriers.

Benefits for Referral Sources

Benefits for Clients

Expand Your Reach

Why struggle with recurring recidivism, due to the various factors that affect people's daily lives? With Prodigy Telehealth™, location limits and treatment barriers are now a thing of the past.

Lighten Your Caseload

Remember the old adage, work smarter not harder? That is exactly what Prodigy Telehealth™ is designed to do; assist in client treatment alternatives.

Benefits for Clients

Become a Better You

We know that sometimes life can get in the way of your treatment and we want to see you succeed in your program. With Prodigy Telehealth™ we've got you covered with the flexibility of remote programs.