Prodigy Healthcare Acquires Community West!

Prodigy Healthcare is proud to announce the acquisition of Correctional Healthcare Companies’ Community West Division, a multi-state provider of behavioral health counseling programs.

Prodigy Healthcare’s acquisition of the Community West business operations will result in a more comprehensive and technologically-advanced solution to the behavioral health counseling market. Prodigy Healthcare will acquire Community West’s assets, employees, and customer contracts and the new business will operate under the Prodigy Healthcare brand.

Correctional Healthcare Companies’ Community West Division, founded in 1979 as Justice Services, provides substance abuse counseling and treatment programs that positively influence clients, reduce recidivism, and help keep the community safe. Its rich heritage in treatment combined with long-standing partnerships with BI Incorporated and Correctional Counseling Inc. (MRT™) provide a market-leading proposition.

“Community West offers an exciting opportunity for Prodigy to strengthen and expand its service offering in the Phoenix-Metro, Arizona, and Southwest Region” explains Adam Tharp, President and COO of Prodigy Healthcare. “With a range of customers interested in pioneering the future of treatment, the acquisition of Community West supports the Prodigy strategy to lead the market through technology, allowing a single provider to manage all treatment and monitoring needs. This will not only reduce workload for municipalities but it will also increase accuracy in reporting and effectiveness in treatment.”

The expanded business will serve 9 government organizations in the Southwest Region of the USA and will manage more than 10,000 referrals in 2019.

Prodigy Healthcare is a substance abuse rehabilitation provider in Arizona. It has been focused on leveraging technology and utilizing the latest methods in evidence based practices, such as Moral Reconation Therapy™ (MRT), since early 2016. Since its inception, Prodigy Healthcare’s business and service offering have evolved to meet the unique demands of the dynamic and maturing treatment market.

To be the leading monitoring and treatment provider, Prodigy Healthcare has made technology and customer service the central element to everything that it does.

More information about the services it offers can be found at the company website:

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