Traffic Survival School

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When it comes to Traffic Survival School (TSS), not all schools are equal. You may have noticed a huge fluctuation in pricing as you research where to go, so be sure to ask lots of questions because the old saying, “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than with TSS. With Prodigy, we are upfront and transparent about our pricing (everything is included!), structure, and curriculum because we understand that you have better things to do than to play games.

Due to the nature of our treatment contracts with significant government entities, we are held to a high standard so you can rest-assured that we are here to help reduce the confusion and get you taken care of quickly and in a compliant fashion. In fact, we even have a dedicated Concierge to help DUI clients through the process. We want to see you succeed and help keep this great community safe.

Traffic Survival School

The cost to attend TSS with Prodigy is $145.00 (discount available for current Prodigy clients!) and includes the following:

  • All books and materials necessary to successfully complete the program per National Safety Council (NSC) standards.
  • All-inclusive. There are no hidden fees and you will receive a certificate at the end of your class.
  • Both English and Spanish classes available.
  • Multiple Delivery Formats:
    • Two Four (4) hour classes held over two days.
    • One Eight (8) hour class held in one day.

Traffic Survival Schools are different from Defensive Driving Schools. Prodigy does not currently conduct Defensive Driving classes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Traffic Survival School (TSS) is Mandatory

Traffic survival school is an eight-hour, in-person, course that is monitored and mandated by the state of Arizona and the Motor Vehicle Department. If you are ordered to attend then it is required that you must complete the course in order to avoid having your license suspended or voided.

Reasons that require completion of TSS include:

  • Accumulation of between eight and twelve points on your driving record.
  • DUI or arrest for driving under the influence.
  • A conviction of any red light violation at any point.
  • A first violation under the age of 18.

Defensive Driving is Optional

Defensive driving is a four-hour class that you can take either in-person or online. The class is taken in lieu of paying a ticket and allows you to avoid accumulating points on your record for eligible violations.

Students must bring their Corrective Action Letter / Proof of Assignment and a valid government-issued photo ID in order to attend class. If you no longer have the letter or the Proof of Assignment, then you MUST obtain a copy from the MVD. This can be done at any MVD office. If you do not have a Corrective Action Order or Proof of Assignment letter showing TSS assignment at class check-in, then you will not be allowed into class.

If you do not complete a TSS Course within the allotted time then your license will be suspended.

We offer classes in multiple convenient locations valley wide. Please refer to our Locations page for more information.

After February 10, 2013, the instructor can print out the letter in the classroom. The fee for this service is $10.00.