Hase & Associates Systems, Inc. (HASI)

Hase & Associates Systems, Inc. (HASI), a California corporation (June 5, 1985) was acquired from Dan & Piedad Sanchez in a stock purchase on November 12, 2010, by Justice Services Holdings LLC, (JSH) a Delaware LLC, dba Justice Services.

Justice Services Holdings LLC is licensed by the State of California, Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, to operate under Driving-Under-the-Influence Program License # 36-017-01-120, as Hase & Associates Systems ,Inc., 353 West 6th Street, San Bernadino, CA. 92401.

Justice Services Holdings LLC and Hase & Associates (HASI) were merged into Correctional Healthcare Companies, Inc., 12/30/2011.

Correctional Healthcare Companies, Inc./LLC sold the Community Health Services Division, including Arizona operations, and a DUI Licensed Office in San Bernardino, CA. to Prodigy Healthcare LLC on 5/31/2019.

On behalf of Hase & Associates (HASI) we would like to welcome you to the Prodigy family, with the same great staff and service and a new name! Check us out!