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When partnering with Prodigy Healthcare, you can count on us to help your organization to achieve positive outcomes using cost-effective, clinically proven, and evidence-based programs that ensure public safety.

Probation Departments need help supervising clients. We can help with evidence-based rehabilitation programs.

Prosecutors need help managing the demands of increasing numbers of new criminal filings. We can help with diversion programs specifically designed for misdemeanor offenses of low-risk clients.

Judges need help with large case loads. We can help with treatment services for sentenced clients, pre-trial supervision and treatment for those awaiting trial.

Sheriffs need help managing overcrowded jails. We can help with treatment alternatives to incarceration for sentenced clients.

Parole/Community Corrections Departments need help supervising re-entry clients. We can help with evidence-based programs that deliver positive outcomes and reduce recidivism.

Please CONTACT US for more information and to discuss how Prodigy Healthcare can compliment your municipality’s goals.

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